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Curriculum Exchange

Through higher education collaborations with universities in the Americas, the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) helps to provide students and health professionals the opportunity to further enhance their expertise in their health-related fields in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Region.

PAHEF is collaborating with universities in the Americas to develop and exchange curricula that will give students and health professionals the knowledge they need to be successful professionals. The education curricula offered in-person and online address key health necessities in LAC Region. The online distance learning platforms PAHEF leverages permits more prospective students and professionals to be engaged at more universities. PAHEF’s curriculum exchange goes beyond education. It fosters collaboration between universities, faculties, and the broader public health community to advance education overall. University faculty also benefit from this exchange/platform by gaining exposure to international curricula; learning new teaching techniques; and, sharing best practices with other academics from throughout the world.

The exchange focuses on training the next generation of professionals in areas such as audiology, bioengineering, food security, nursing, nutrition, and tele-health. Thus far, PAHEF has successfully facilitated curriculum exchanges within seven countries: Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and the United States.

Education Projects for Health Professionals

Since its inception, the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) has been firmly committed to strengthening education to public health professionals and students in the Americas. Our work encompasses a spectrum of activities designed to increase the quality and accessibility to efforts that help to build capacity in the health sector ultimately ensuring a growing number of health professionals have the knowledge they need to provide the region with high-quality care.

The growth of university partners in addition to collaborations with the public and private sectors has given PAHEF a new venue to address gaps in public health education specifically in the Latin America and Caribbean region. PAHEF is equipped to launch national initiatives to train medical students, professionals, and health care personnel. PAHEF provides public health education solutions to the region’s needs, whether national or local government wishes to update to their medical standards or ambitiously create to new health care environment to serve it citizens.

Additionally, PAHEF’s unique medical/technology private partnerships have introduced the latest medical equipment and technologies to medical students and professionals. The new medical equipment has served to address the realistic concerns of medical attention of current and future medical professionals in the rural and urban areas of Latin America.

Health Education
health education

Curriculum Exchange

Education Projects

The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) is innovating health education in the Americas

PAHEF brings cutting-edge health education to students and health professionals throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The Foundation's education initiatives include:

  • Building a library of affordable health sciences and educational materials;
  • Facilitating curriculum exchange between universities in the Americas; and,
  • Developing national education initiatives for public health professionals and students with the public and private sectors.
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